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 Places of Interest - Waterfalls  

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Western North Carolina and the surrounding region. The most spectacular falls are located in the Highlands/Cashiers area. Literally hundreds of impressive falls lace this territory. The Town of Highlands itself has an average elevation of over 4100 feet and is the highest incorporated town in the eastern United States. Caution should be exercised in viewing many of these falls, as the rocks can be wet and slippery and the footing can be treacherous.

A listing of some of the falls follows:

Whitewater Falls
This is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi at 411 feet in height. It drops in a series of cascades making it the most impressive waterfallin the region. The falls are located on NC Highway 1149, approximately 9 miles south of Sapphire, NC..

Satullah Falls
This is a cascading waterfall located 2.3 miles south of Highlands on US 28. It is easily visible from the highway in your car. Just 1.2 miles further south is the Lower Satullah Falls. Look for the gravel pull-off to the right for a view of this lovely waterfall.

Kalakaleskies Falls
Located of Highway 64, 2.5 miles northwest of Highlands, this falls consists of a series of 18 small cascades, along a mile stretch of the road, just below the Sequoyah Lake Dam. Footing in this area is treacherous, as you must climb down a steep bank to view the cascades from the river's edge. Care should be exercised.

Bridal Veils Falls
This picturesque falls is one of the most popular in the region, primarily due to its accessibility. It can be viewed on Highway 64 heading from Highlands towards Franklin, NC. You can walk or drive your car under this cascade. (Be sure not to miss this photo opportunity.)

Dry Falls
This is another "must see attraction". Like Bridal Veil Falls, you walk under and behind this cascade - touching, smelling and tasting the water (although barely getting wet). This falls, however, is much more powerful and thunderous than its neighbor. It is located just 3.3 miles from Highlands on Highway 64 west.

Lower Callasaja Falls
Without question, this falls is one of the most picturesque cascades in North Carolina. Situated in the steep, spectacular Callasaja River Gorge, the river plunges over 250 feet. It is located 7 miles from Highlands and can be viewed along Highway 64 west of downtown. Caution should be exercised in parking your car along this stretch of the highway.

Glens Falls
Glens Falls is located off a dirt road marked by a USFS sign, 3 miles south of Highlands on NC 106. This falls is comprised of a series of 3 large cascades, dropping over 60 feet each on the east fork of Overflow Creek in the Blue Ridge Valley Area. The 1-mile footpath to the falls is steep and the climb back up is rugged.

Toxaway Falls
This cascade is located on Highway 64 between Cashiers and Roseman. It cascades down over 120 feet and passes under the highway. Another must see!

Across the state line in Georgia, there are a number of beautiful waterfalls, including Amicalola Falls and Ana Ruby Falls. Please visit for more information and directions to these attractions.

Enjoy what the region has to offer from the luxury of a scenic river-side cabin.

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